Shared Meals

We believe in the power of (free!) food, and shared meals. Of course, it is one of the best ways to get to know other folks in the community. But we know some folks are also lonely, or food insecure, or hungry for something more than just food. Maybe that’s you, or maybe that’s someone you know. Expect that you and your people are especially welcome. Meals are simple, and always have vegan and gluten-free options.

  • Be Fed | Tuesdays @ 11:30am-1pm | A free, weekly meal is served from 11:30am-1pm on Tuesdays at Grace University Lutheran Church. There is always enough food so don’t feel like you have to pre-eat! Some folks are on their way to or from somewhere, and some stay the whole time! Be fed with food, conversation, and community each week!

Small Groups

Small groups are an excellent way to dive into our community, get to know a smaller group of LCMers, and to talk about faith and God with other students! Some of these groups meet weekly, others meet on a monthly or seasonal basis. Email Dana to get connected to any of these small groups or for more info!

  • BIPOC Bible Study – A space for BIPOC students to explore the Bible together, to engage with theology, books, and poetry written by BIPOC authors, and to build community and a safe space to ask questions. Led by LCM Student Leader Stewart Walukaga.
  • Freshman Bible Study – A weekly gathering for first-year students to gather, read scripture, and journey through the semester together. We’ll start a few weeks into the fall term! Led by LCM Student Leader, Lexi Wolt.
  • Queer Bible Study – An LGBTQIA+ space to build community, wrestle with scripture together, and talk about the intersections of queerness + faith. Led by LCM Staff, Dana Rademacher Hansen.
  • St. Paul Bible Study – A weekly, unstructured conversation about big questions on the St. Paul campus. We discuss if (and/or why) we believe what the church teaches by tackling a big faith question each week. You are welcome even if you don’t live in St. Paul! Led by LCM Staff, Erik Nelson.

Community Events

We’re a community that loves to get to know one another outside of worship and to laugh and create joy together in Christian community! Whether that’s through hosting an LCM game night, going to an apple orchard, or pumpkin painting for Halloween, we hope to see you there. Check out our calendar for upcoming community events!

Retreats and Spring Break

There is no better way to get to know people than traveling somewhere, sharing new experiences, and growing in faith together.
  • Our Fall Retreat is always on a lake in Wisconsin and is a great chance to take a deep breath after the hustle and bustle of the first weeks of fall. This year it’s October 8-10, 2021 at Heartwood Retreat Center. Email Pastor Kate ( for more information.
  • Our Alternative Spring Breaks are wide-ranging. We have traveled to Holden Village, Chiapas (a state in southern Mexico), learned from and served with the Pueblo people near Albuquerque, participated in a border immersion in Tijuana, gone to NYC on an interfaith service trip with students from Al Madinah, a Muslim group on campus, and cleaned up houses on the Gulf Coast. It’s always affordable, and always a good time! We’re still waiting to plan Sping Break for this coming year, but know there will be something!
Be sure to sign up for our Student E-news to receive information on upcoming events, and the dates cost, and trip details for retreats and spring breaks!

Vocational Exploration

At the heart of our life together, we offer a variety of ways to explore our vocations as it intersects with faith and life. You may attend a Faith and Leadership dinner where we meet with community leaders to learn how their faith influences their professions, or you may take deep dives into retreats; exploring questions of “What am I called to do?” and “Who am I called to be?”. Visit our calendar to learn what is happening soon!