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February 26, 2023
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One of the ways that Christian communities mark the season of Lent is by gathering together in smaller groups to learn and to grow together. This year, we are offering four small group meeting times (see below for details) and we will be exploring God’s invitation to us to delight in a life of “Good Enough.” Counter-cultural, I know, especially for a University setting!

Here are some things to know about our small groups:

  • You do not have to know what you think about God to join in these conversations. You do not have to ascribe to a certain set of beliefs or customs. In fact, if you are new to faith or returning after some time away, your questions and perspective help us all see our spiritual journeys in new ways.
  • That said, we are a Christian, Lutheran ministry that preferences the grace of God in our understanding of God. The small groups will be exploring Christian spiritual practices, history, scripture, and especially how life in Christ invites us to take a break from the constant push to perform and perfect. Curious? So are we!
  • We will meet for 5 weeks, starting the week of February 26th, and taking a break the week of Spring Break. You do not have to be present at every gathering, but since it’s only 5 weeks, it helps the group if you can make the gathering a commitment for those 5 weeks.

The Logistics:
Here are the four meeting times and groups. Register here by Sun., Feb. 26!

  • Be Fed Lunch Small Group | Tuesdays @ 12:15pm | Grace
  • pause Small Group | Wednesdays @ 7pm | Grace
  • Queer Small Group | Mondays @ 6pm | Grace | *a LGBTQIA+ only space*
  • St. Paul Small Group | Fridays @ 5pm | Mim’s Cafe

Once you’ve RSVP’d, you should get the book we’ll be using to guide our time! We have 20 copies to give away, or if you have funds to buy the book you can do that using the author’s links here. Let us know when you’d like to pick up your book and we’ll figure out a time to make the handoff.

I’m really excited to journey together with you in this season!
-Pastor Kate

And an invitation from the author who we’ll be reading, Kate Bowler:

“We live in a world that loves it when we are shiny. But, when you are like the rest of us—which is to say—fragile and dependent, then Lent is made for you. Lent is that moment in the Christian story where we get to tell the truth: the world is capable of incredible beauty, but it can also be filled with so much suffering….Together, we’re going to take ourselves off the hook for perfection. Perfect lives. Perfect bodies. Perfect relationships. Perfect faith. And realize that this is the beautiful work of being human… again today. Thank God we get to do it together.”