Lent: The season of letting go

“So, what are you giving up for Lent?”

As someone who has been a Christian her whole and has spent a lot of time hanging out at church, I’ve heard this question a lot.

Leap of Faith

On a college campus, it’s easy to hear the word “leader,” and instantly think “resumé builder.” [We’re all trying to get that job post-grad.]

Wide Welcome

At LCM-TC, we pride ourselves on a wide welcome.

Everyday Agape

I have never been a huge fan of Valentine’s day. I never quite understood why there had to one day set aside to say “I love you.”

Remember to pause

Every semester coming back to school after a long break, I find myself battling mixed emotions.

Overwhelmed with Great Joy

“Epiphany—isn’t that the thing right after Christmas?” Well yes, anonymous roommate (…Alyssa), that’s one definition of it.

A Risk Worth Taking

Last weekend, the student leaders at LCM drove up to Stanchfield, MN for a retreat at ARC Retreat Center.

Welcome Freshmen!

Despite this being my fourth and final year at the University of Minnesota I remember my first semester of college oh so vividly.

A Warm Welcome to Nate!

We are beyond thrilled to announce that Nate Crary will be our new Outreach and Program Director!

Finding Your “Holden Moment” : Spring Break Trip to Holden pt. 3

As we’re in the midst of the chaos of finals, we can see the light and hope of summer in the distance…